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The Panel

Voting in the NOWTV Esports Industry Awards always begins – and ends – with the community! Across the year, we open up every single category for public nominations which make up our finalists.

Once we have our finalists, it is back over to you, the esports community, to decide the winners – you are the 12th Judge! 5 of our awards, including Esports Breakthrough Game of the Year, Esports Journalist of the Year and Esports Play of the Year, are 100% voted by the public.

Our other 17 categories are debated, discussed and deliberated over by the 11 members of our expert panel, carefully selected to represent the whole esports industry, with the public vote included as the 12th panel vote. In the case of a tie, the community vote is the decider! These are your awards from beginning to end so make sure you have your say and VOTE TODAY – CLICK HERE!

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Michael O’Dell

Managing director of one of the world's largest competitive gaming organizations, ODEE's esports career began in 1999 as a Quake 3 pro player. Four years later, his Battlefield 1942 team merged with another, giving birth to Team Dignitas. With the experience and ideals he earned as a player, ODEE built Team Dignitas from the ground up, coaching and managing players across a multitude of games like CS:GO, League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm. Over his 17 years of experience, ODEE's philosophy has always been to put his players and staff first in his efforts to further esports.

    Duncan Shields

    Known as "The Esports Historian", Thorin has been a custodian of the history of competitive computer games since 2001. Also known for his work on analysis desks at CS:GO events, he is considered one of the world's foremost experts in the subject of esports.

      Chris Mead

      Chris Mead is Twitch's Director of Partnerships for EMEA, where he works with broadcasting partners from individuals to developers, publishers and organizations. Chris’s expertise lies in digital advertising and esports, having competed professionally in Call of Duty tournaments in 2008-2012. Prior to joining Twitch he worked for a digital agency in London, acquired an M.A. in New Media from the University of Amsterdam and a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Utrecht.

        Ross Thompson

        Ross Thompson

        Ross Thompson also known as "TommyT999" is a video game industry veteran who is now running his own business & creating/publishing content via his YouTube channel TommyT999. Fully focused on video games content across games both new & old, spanning all formats & genres the channel hosts some of the biggest Top 10 gaming series running on YouTube at this time & he covers across a wide variety of games including Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Rocket League & Fifa to name but a few.

        Working within the industry for the length of his career to date, in many companies all dedicated to growing the world of video games & esports he has a vast knowledge & experience of the industry & within his current role, every day he is watching the best clips the best players & gamers have to offer in the world of online competitive gaming.

          Scott Smith

          Scott is one of the most experienced figureheads within competitive gaming. After entering the scene as a Counter-Strike competitor in 1999, Scott joined the team of GotFrag, which was a leading source of news for hardcore enthusiasts interested in esports and professional gamers. After the website was purchased by Major League Gaming in 2007, Scott became the COO of Evil Geniuses (acquired by Twitch), one of the most storied professional gaming teams in esports. Having led players and teams to multiple tournament victories, Scott stepped down from active duty at EG to pursue new ventures within gaming. If you’ve kept up with competitive Counter-Strike, you’ve no doubt recently seen Scoots behind the analyst desk, working to host some of the world’s largest esports events.

            David Turner

            David Turner is NOW TV’s Retail & Partnerships Marketing Controller, working with leading brands and retailers across multiple industries to bring the very best entertainment, latest movies and sports to customers.

            David has also been instrumental in building NOW TV’s largest gaming retail partnership with GAME. Prior to NOW TV, David worked for over a decade in the games industry in a variety of Retail, Marketing and PR roles.

              Christopher Dring

              Christopher Dring is the senior editor at, a role he took following a nine-year stint at MCV in various roles including editor. He was part of the launch team behind esports Pro and edited the esports Pro special magazine released in July 2016. He has been covering competitive gaming for his entire career, has hosted conferences and panels on various subjects - including diversity in esports - and has an unhealthy obsession with Splatoon.

                Alan Brice

                Alan ‘Bricey’ Brice is a professional host and commentator within the esports industry with over 7 years’ experience. Starting out as a player in a local community team attending LAN events, Bricey has a grass roots knowledge of what goes through players’ minds during matches.

                Bricey is a recognised face in the gaming community hosting and commentating a wide range of events and tournaments, ranging from the Call of Duty World Championship finals to the Civilisation VI live launch. He has worked with some of the largest names in the industry, like Activision and Microsoft, to deliver launches of their most prestigious titles, such as Call of Duty and HALO, more than this Bricey has a passion to see the industry continue to grow.

                  Christopher Mykles

                  MonteCristo started in esports as a volunteer writer for WCReplays, a Warcraft 3 replays site. He began shoutcasting for WCReplays with Phreak. During his involvement with the Warcraft 3 scene, Mykles managed a professional Warcraft 3 team with Verge Gaming and joined the Team Sportscast Network, a now defunct esports shoutcasting organization. Mykles became "obsessed" with League of Legends in its beta phase and subsequently founded ggChronicle to provide a journalism outlet devoted to professionalism for the LoL esports scene. MonteCristo then took a full-time, contract casting position at OnGameNet, where he still casts presently. In 2013, he then joined CLG as a coach and coached the team until the end of 2014, moving on to become a co-owner of Renegades on June 19th, 2015.

                    Philippa Warr

                    Philippa works for PC gaming website, Rock Paper Shotgun. She became fascinated by esports after researching the professional Dota 2 scene for a feature about The International and is RPS's de facto esports correspondent. Philippa has written and spoken enthusiastically about esports for numerous publications, broadcasters and podcasts (including The BBC, Wired, The Guardian, Red Bull and others). She has so many esports event lanyards she could probably weave a really weird and uncomfortable rug out of them!

                      Calvin Robinson

                      Calvin Robinson founded God is a Geek in 2009, which quickly went on to become one of the UK's most popular video game media outlets. Calvin is a judge at both the annual Games Media Awards and MCV Awards, and now teaches video game development to secondary school children in and around London.


                        Esports Community

                        Due to resounding feedback from last year we have open voting up to you the community across all our awards. Across five of our 2017 awards YOU decide the winners - so get voting. Your input is key to our remaining seventeen awards - the winner of each of these public votes gets your backing as the 12th panelist!

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